Contracts - Parties panel

This is a guide on how to handle contract parties in the PACTIUS platform

Clicking on the contract parties tab on the contract View screen shows you all the legal entities currently associated with the contract: 

Contract parties can also be used to associate specific obligations with legal entities. 

Add a contract party 

A contract party can be added by clicking on the "+ Add" button at the upper right-hand side of the contract party list (see picture above) after which the following screen appears: 

The add contract party list can be narrowed down by typing specific text in the filter box on the upper right-hand side of the list 

Tip: If you, for example, type "My" in the search box, only legal entities holding the text "My" will appear on the list. 

The contract party is chosen by clicking on the "+Add" button on the right-hand side of the legal entity to be chosen. 

Tip: Multiple legal entities can be selected at a time by selecting these in the checkbox on the left-hand side of the list followed by clicking on the "Add selected parties" button at the top of the list. Afterwards, you need to confirm the addition of contract parties. 

Remove a contract party 

A pre-existing contract party can be removed by clicking on the "bin" icon at the right-hand side of the contract party (see picture above).