Contracts - Related Contracts Panel

This guide shows you how to handle related contracts in the PACTIUS platform.

Related Contracts Panel 

Contracts are related to each other in different ways depending on the overall structure of the Contracts.

Note: An example is a framework agreement having a number of specific sub-agreements (specific Contracts regulated by the framework agreement). Other examples are amendments/supplements to an existing Contract or a guarantee agreement relating to a purchase agreement. 


Click on "Contracts" in the left menu, and click on a contract on the list. 

Click on "Related Contracts" as shown in the picture below. Now, you are able to see all the Related Contracts currently associated with the Contract. 

Overview of related contracts in PACTIUS

Note: The system does not distinguish between different types of relationships but makes it possible to get a quick overview of all relationships with respect to specific Contracts, making it very easy to navigate between related Contracts. 

Remove a Related Contract 

An already existing Related Contract can be removed by clicking on the "garbage can" icon at the right-hand side of the Related Contract (see picture above). 

Add a Related Contract 

A Contract can be related by clicking on the "+ Add" icon at the upper right-hand side of the Related Contracts List (see picture above) after which the following screen appears: 

PACTIUS add related contracts

The Add Related Contracts List can be narrowed down by typing specific text in the Filter box on the upper right-hand side of the list.

Tip: If you type in "ser" in the search field, only Contracts including the text "ser" appear in the list. 

The Contract is chosen by clicking on the "+Add" button on the right-hand side of the Contract to be chosen.