Create user

This is a guide to creating a user in Office365 integrated PACTIUS environment

If your PACTIUS environment is integrated with your Office365 solution, you can create users in PACTIUS yourself.

The possibility to create users can be found in the "Settings" menu option. 

Create a user in PACTIUS

Generally, there are 2 ways a user can access PACTIUS:

  1. Access request from the user which is approved by the administrator
  2. Access created by the administrator

Note: It is important that you only create the user once. So, if you have created the user, you must not simultaneously approve a request for access and vice versa.

Method 1: Access via access request from the user

A user can access PACTIUS  via https:\\

If the user does not have an account in PACTIUS, the user can request access via the screen below:

The local administrator will then receive an e-mail and can go in and approve the access.

Once the administrator has approved the access, the user must be assigned to business units. This is done via the "User" menu option under "Settings" and on the specific user.

Method 2: Access created by the administrator

As an administrator, you can proactively create users, so that the user is already created before the first login. The option to create users can be found under the "Settings" menu option on the left and then the "Users" menu option.

Then click on the "Add" button in the top right-hand corner. 

Add a user in PACTIUS

The below depicted pop-up window will now appear where the administrator has to fill in the user's details: 

Username must be filled in with the user's Office365 account name, e.g., if this is not filled in correctly, the user will not be recognised when he tries to log in and will therefore be sent to the page where access can be requested. After the administrator has created the user, the user must be associated with business units. This is done via the "User" menu under Settings and on the specific user.

Note: If you experience any problem in connection with creating users, e.g. a user cannot log in, contact PACTIUS Support.