Getting started with DPA Service

This is an overview of the DPA Service activities

Data processor overview template 

When a new audit is to be initiated, you will initially receive a template in which an overview of your data processors must be. It is used to create your data processors in DPA Service, after which a control round can be sent to those who appear on the list. Instructions are attached to the template that can explain what information we require.


Progress plan

In cooperation with you, we will establish a plan for when the audit will take place. In other words, we want to find dates for when to send the audit and the deadline, after which the plan will be updated.


DPA Service demo

Part of the onboarding process will also be that we will offer you a demo of how the DPA Service works. This way you can get an insight into how the entire procedure works - a guide to figuring out your way around DPA Service.


Audit report

This report is generated automatically on the basis of the answers that your data processor has given in the control. The report thus provides an overall assessment of the data processor's compliance level based on the four themes.


Weekly status

Once the audit has started, you will receive a weekly status on the audit is progressing. It appears by means of a so-called status report, which indicates which responses have been received, all in correspondence with the data processors, etc. In other words, this is an overall progress report that indicates how the control is progressing. 


Management report

When the audit has been completed and all the answers have been received, you will be sent a so-called management report. The purpose of the management report is to provide an overview and thus an overall status of the compliance level for your data processors who have answered the audit. The report also provides an overview of the individual responses, which is why you then have the opportunity to follow up if there were any data processors who did not meet your requirements.