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How do I assign roles in user management?

In this article, you will learn how to assign different roles to your users and link them to different departments

Step 1

Start by clicking on "Settings" in the left-hand menu.

Settings menu point

Step 2

You will now be taken to the settings page, which gives you various options.

In this case, click on "Visit Users".

Manage users in Privacy

Step 3

You will now need to create a new user in Privacy. Click on "Create User".

Create user

Step 4

The pop-up window below will now appear. Fill in all the fields.

Create user pop up-window

If you click on "Role", a drop-down menu will appear. Here you can choose whether the newly created user should be an administrator or a regular user.

Create roles in Privacy - pop up-window

Note: The difference between these two roles is that the administrator has access to the "Settings" menu. This allows an administrator to create users, master data, and subsidiary companies, which a regular user cannot.

Once you have chosen the user's role in Privacy, you will need to select which business areas the user should be linked to. If you click on "Business area(s)", the following drop-down menu will appear. A user can be linked to multiple business areas.

Business areas when creating roles in Privacy

If the user needs full group access, the box below must be checked.

Full group access in Privacy

Note: Having full group access means that the user automatically has access to all current and future subsidiary companies.

Step 5

Click "Create" to create the new user in Privacy. The newly created user has now been assigned a role and department.

Tip: In the Privacy platform, you can create an unlimited number of users at no extra cost.