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How do I create a policy in the Privacy platform?

This is a guide to the policy module in the Privacy platform.

How to access the policy module in Privacy? 

Step 1

Click on "Policies" in the left menu. 

Policies menu

Step 2

Now, you can see an overview of your organisation's policies and procedures if any are being created. 

Overview of policies and procedures 

In the overview of the organisation's policies, three columns are present. 

The first column shows the name of the policy. 

The second column shows which type of policy or procedure is in question. 

The last column shows the number of processing activities the policy includes. 


If you have many policies, you can easily sort them in alphabetical order or in ascending or descending order. You do this by clicking on the arrow-icon to the right for the titles Policy, Type or Processing activities. 

How is a policy created in the Privacy platform?

Step 1

Click on "Create policy".

Create policy

Step 2

Now, a pop-up window appears in which you can create the policy. 

Enter the name of the policy and choose the type the policy belongs to. By clicking on the arrow next to "Type", a drop-down menu appears where you can select the type. 

Click on "Create" when the fields have been filled in. 

Pop-up window - create policy

How to edit or delete a policy in the Privacy platform? 

Step 1

Click on the icon to the right for the policy in question. Now, you can choose whether you want to edit or delete the chosen policy. 

Edit or delete a policy 

Which processing activity(s) is the policy associated with? 

Step 1

Click on the name of the policy or procedure in question in the overview of your organisation's policies. 

Step 2

Then press on the area of the processing activities. 

Processing activities in policies

Step 3

A pop-up window appears where you can see the processing activity the policy or procedure concerned is associated with. 

Processing activities - policies

If you click on the name of the processing activity, you will be directed to the page with the processing activity in question.