Issues - Search, edit and delete

This is a guide on how to search, edit and delete issues in the PACTIUS platform

When you click on the issues icon in the menu to the left, the list of issues appears. The list contains an overview of all issues. Issues are based on a specific search and can, in principle, be across contracts. Standard searches include "All Issues" and "My Issues". These are shown with the little switch in the upper left corner. 

Issues all or mine PACTIUS

At the top, there is an overview of the status of all the issues that are on the list in the specific search. At the top of the list on the left, you can specify how many lines you want to have on each page

Note: By default, 10 lines per page are shown. However, this can be changed in the user setup. 

At the top of the list on the right, you have a search field, where you can further limit your search by typing in a given text string.

Note: If you, for example, type "drift", only the rows with the text "drift" in one of the fields are displayed.

At the bottom, you can flip between the pages.

If you want to access an issue, simply click on the line in question, after which you will be taken to the issue's main page.

Search for issues

By clicking on "+ Search criteria" at the top of the list of issues, the search criteria are opened. Here, you have the option of making a very specific search based on your own criteria. When you have made your own search, it is also possible to save your search. In this way, you can quickly repeat the search - see also user-defined searches.

Edit issue

Changes to an issue are made by clicking the "Edit" button at the top right of the issue's
main page. The following pop-up box appears:

Edit an issue - PACTIUS

It is possible to change most fields on an issue. When the information has been entered, press the "Save" button and you return to the main page of the issue.

Delete an issue

An issue can be deleted by clicking on the “Delete” button in the upper right corner of the issue main page, after which a confirmation pop-up window appears:

Delete an issue - PACTIUS

 Click on "Delete" to confirm the deletion, after which the issue is deleted. Now, you return to the main page of the contract.

Note: When an issue is deleted, all underlying tasks and associated documents are also removed.