Legal entities - Countries

This guide presents an overview of countries as legal entities and how you access them in the PACTIUS platform

Legal entities must all be associated with a specific country where the Legal Entity in question is registered.

In the system, you can maintain a common list of the countries that must be legal when creating and changing Legal Entities.

List of legal countries

When you click on "Settings" in the top menu and then on "Country Settings", a list of all countries appears.

At the top of the list on the right, you have a search field, where you can further limit your search by typing in a given text string.

Tip: If you, for example, type in "Dan", only the rows that hold the text "Dan" in one of the fields are displayed

On the individual countries, click on "Show" next to those that should be available to the system's users, and on "Hide" next to the countries that should not be available to the system's users.